Unprecedented levels of information at your fingertips

IPR gives you the ability to look up anything you’d want to know about an adjuster. Check work history, customer feedback, estimates, test scores, and more.

Use IPR to track every part of the process

See adjusters’ past estimates and test scores then add your own review to their work history after the job is complete

Use IPR For Field And Desk Adjusters

IPR is designed so that whatever you need, you’ll find a qualified professional as quickly as possible.

Use IPR In An Instant

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you and crystal clear look at an adjusters work history, credibility, and qualifications. No complicated interfaces and no delay on getting the info you need

Good TPAs Need Good People

Your business relies on you getting the right person for the job. IPR makes that task as quick and easy as possible.

Quantifiable Success

IPR is unique in that it continually provides skills tests for adjusters to take. This lets you quickly and clearly identify the specialties, strengths, and weaknesses of every candidate.

A Focused Pool Of The Best Candidates

Unlike generic hiring platforms, IPR has only adjusters. This means that TPAs can cut through the clutter and look at only the best candidates for the job

IPR’s Competitive Advantage

Having fastest access to the best claims professionals available puts any TPA ahead of the competition. And, with IPR’s accessible pricing plan, any sized company can take advantage of it.

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