More than ever firms are using

IPR to research claims professionals

and make their hiring decisions.

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Advanced Analitycs

Our clients use our vast database to find the best, most reliable claims professionals

Career & Qualification Snapshots

Check important stats at a glance, like licensing, certifications and industry designations.

Real Time Data

Up-to-the minute reporting ensures our users have the most accurate information available.

Quality Hires

Insurers and other firms use IPR to shorten their hiring process with more qualified candidates.

Rise To The Top

IPR’s industry standard scoring allows claims professionals to showcase their skills and improve their rating separating themselves from the competition.

Real Feedback From Real People

IPR allows claims professionals to showcase the feedback they’ve received from past homeowners and management, putting their professional track record front and center.

Predictive Analysis

With our abundance of data, IPR can do more than put the past in perspective. It can forecast future trends to give users an edge on everyone else in the industry

Easily access our data from anywhere in the world

Claims professionals have no reason not to take advantage of this powerful platform. Even one extra client discovered through IPR will pay for over a year’s worth of using IPR. As far as ROI is concerned, it is unparalleled.

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