Unprecedented levels of information at your fingertips

IPR gives you the ability to look up anything you’d want to know about a potential hire. Check work history, customer feedback, estimates, test scores, and more.

Make The Right Hire – The First Time

Browse through dozens of adjusters and find the one that is a perfect fit for every job.

IPR Is Always Updating

We are continually adding skills tests and other assessments so you can see who is keep up with industry standards and best practices

Check Scores At A Glance

See how an adjusters are performing in several different areas to find. the ones that are separating themselves from their peers.

Good Hires Are Good For Business

When adjusters do well, people take notice. Few things can improve your bottom line like a reputation for getting things done properly the first time.

IPR Scores Tell The Story

Never before has there been a tool that allows adjustment firms to get such a broad picture of of potential candidates. All the information is clearly and cleanly presented to save you time and money

Your One-Stop-Shop For Finding Talent

Since IPR specializes specifically in the insurance world, it has the laser focus larger hiring plat-forms can’t.

A Revolutionary System For The Insurance Industry

There has never been another platform that gives adjustment firms so much easy access to the history of the adjusters they are looking to hire. The IPR score is quickly becoming the industry standard for determining the quality of a candidate.

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How much does it cost?
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Do you provide documentation and tutorials?
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How do I update my profile?
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